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IMADA accessory Force-Time (Torque-Time) Graphing Software, model "Force Recorder Standard".... mehr

IMADA accessory Force-Time (Torque-Time) Graphing Software, model "Force Recorder Standard".

Force Recorder Standard is force-time (torque-time) graphing software for ZTS/ZTA/eZT/HTGS/HTGA/DTXS/DTXA series digital force gauges. It graphs measurement accurately and precisely even for small force changes at high sampling rate (2000Hz). It equips various editing functions such as trigger, border line, and capture functions.

Applicable models: ZTS, ZTA, eZT, HTGS, HTGA, DTXS, DTXA series
- When combined with ZTS, ZTA, or eZT, you can draw force-time graph
- When combined with HTGS, HTGA, DTXS, or DTXA, you can draw torque-time graph
- High sensitivity (MAX.2000 data /sec sampling speed): Real time graphing is possible
- Possible to set up functions of a force gauge and save the setting
- 5 charts at maximum are displayed in the same table (Standard type only): Useful for comparing and evaluating the chart data

Graph:  force-time / torque-time
Data transferring speed (Max):  2000 data / sec
Recording data point:  (Max) 7.2 million
Graph scaling:  Yes
Statistics output:  Yes
Comment:  Yes
Print:  Yes
CSV file converting:  Yes
Preview saving (PDF/Word/Excel):  Yes
Force gauge setting:  Yes

Operating Environment:
Operating environment OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Hardware CPU:  Pentium4 (1GHz more) more recommended
Hardware Memory:  2GB more recommended
Hardware Hard disk:  10GB(Data storage area) more
Plat form:  .NET Framework4.6 more
Execute environment:  Microsoft Internet Explorer6.0 later / Windows Installer 3.1 later
Image size Resolution: 1024*768 pixel more
The gauges that can be combined:  ZTS/ZTA series, eZT,
DTXS/DTXA series, HTGS/HTGA series
Connection port: USB1.1, USB2.0 connector (no guarantee operation in USB 3.0.)

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